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5669 South Commerce DriveMurray, UT 84107(385) 800-2400info@tntgunrange.comMon - Thu: 9am - 10pmFri - Sat: 9am - 11pmSun: Closed

Welcome to TNT GUNS & RANGE

The TNT Experience


Every shooting experience at TNT provides a private booth for shooters in three unique areas.

25 yard lanes
private shooting suites

25 yard lanes

(15) 25-yard traditional lanes that are located in 75 square-foot booths.

100 yard lanes
rifle range

100 yard lanes

(5) 100-yard lanes with 85 square-foot private booths and Action Target's AWD retrieval system that offers 27 different scenarios and games.

Indoor clay pigeon
shotgun range

Clay pigeon shotgun range

(6) 100 square-foot private booths in the Nation's First indoor clay pigeon range

TNT can accommodate beginners who have never held a firearm while also catering to those who are experienced shooters. We have the latest technology and believe in the philosophy that every customer should be greeted with a positive attitude and treated with respect.

TNT Guns & Range

Range Pricing

Safety Waiver
Pistol Booth

25-Yard Range


Rated up to 50 BMG Add $10 for each additional shooter
Rifle Range

100-Yard Range


Rated up to 50 BMG Add $10 for each additional shooter
Clay Pigeon Range

Clay Pigeon Range

$30.00/half hour

Clays included

Lead shot 1300FPS or less only

Gun Rental

Gun Rental

$15.00 - 1 Handgun or Rifle

$30.00 - Unlimited Handgun & Rifle

$50.00 - Premium Unlimited Handgun & Rifle

TNT Guns & Range

Full Auto Rentals









TNT Guns & Range


* Membership prices based on annual rate. Gift cards for all shooters available at the front desk.

Bronze Membership

$400 BRONZE Plan

Free 25-Yard Range Fees

Free Ear Protection Rental

Free TNT Hat

Silver Membership

$600 SILVER Plan

Free 25-Yard & 100-Yard Range Fees

Free Ear Protection Rentals

Free TNT Hat

10 Free Guest Passes

25% discount on Shotgun Lane

1 Free Machine Gun Rental on Birthday

5 Free Gun Rental Visits (excludes machine guns)

Gold Membership

$800 GOLD Plan

Free 25-Yard & 100-Yard Range Fees

50% Discount on Shotgun Lanes

Free Ear Protection Rentals

Free TNT Hat

10 Free Guest Passes

1 Free Machine Gun Rental on Birthday

10 Free Gun Rental Visits (excludes machine gun)

5% discount on accessories

Platinum Membership

$1,200 PLATINUM Plan

Free 25-Yard, 100-Yard, & Clay Pigeon Range Fees

Free Ear Protection Rentals

Free TNT Hat

20 Free Guest Passes

1 Free Machine Gun Rental on Birthday

Unlimited Free Gun Rentals/Visit (excludes machine guns)

10% discount on accessories

25% discount on targets

TNT Guns & Range

Class Registration

TNT Guns & Range

Safety Rules

1. Always treat firearms as if they are loaded.

2. Keep your fingers off the trigger and outside the trigger guard until ready to shoot.

3. Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction.

4. Never point your firearm at anything you don't intent to shoot.

5. Always keep the gun unloaded until you are ready to use it.

6. Always keep the gun in the safe position until you intend to shoot.

7. Always wear eye and ear protection when shooting.

8. Learn the mechanical and handling characteristics of the gun you are operating.

9. Use only correct and safe ammunition for your firearm.

10. Always make sure your weapon is functioning properly before firing.

11. Never use alcohol, prescription drugs or other drugs before or while shooting.

12. For their safety, No pregnant women are allowed in the range.

13. Report any unsafe act to the Range Officer at the front desk.

If you aren't sure - Please ask for assistance!!

.357 Burgers

Welcome to

.357 Burgers


Our aim is to provide one of the best burgers in the valley. Our meat is ground fresh every day from the highest quality chuck. .357 burgers can be personally customized with a choice of four cheeses and 15 toppings on buns that are also baked fresh and delivered each day.

Our Regular Fries are cooked in pure peanut oil and made to order with every burger.

.357 milkshakes come in three flavors with a variety of delicious mix-in options.

Milkshakes $4.50




Add a Mix-in



Kit Kat

Reese's Cups



Frequently Asked Questions

Age limit
6 years old to enter the range and 8 years old to shoot. All minors need a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian and be accompanied by a parent or guardian on the range at all times
Rental age limit
18 years old to rent and buy ammo for a rifle/shotgun and 21 years old to rent and buy ammo for a handgun
We are first come first serve for all of our live shooting ranges. We do make reservations for corporate and big group events with a minimum of 10 people. (see reservation and group tab)
Classes/New Shooter
We offer a Conceal Carry Permit Class twice a month for $60. This includes photos and fingerprints done here as well as 30 minutes on the range. Sign up by calling the range or coming in.

We also offer a Pistol Basics class for $75 for new shooters or those trying to improve their fundamental skills.
Pregnant women on the range
For their safety we do not allow pregnant women onto our ranges
Viewing area
Because all of our lanes are private booths we do not have a viewing area
How many people can be in a lane
We allow 4 people per lane on each of our ranges
Foreigner Visitors
If you are not from the US all we require when you come to the range is a valid form of ID (drivers license or passport) to shoot on our range
Ammunition Restrictions
We do not allow muzzle loaders, steel core ammo, or incendiary rounds to be shot on any of our ranges
Single Shooter Policy
TNT does not allow individual shooters to rent guns. Please bring a friend, companion or family member to enjoy the experience with you.

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